Marcus Marci of Kronland Correspondence

„Jan Marek Marci of Kronland (1595–1667) in Context of Czech Philosophical Baroque. “ (GA ČR 20-03823S)

The focus of the research is the correspondence produced by the professor of medicine Jan Marek Marci from Kronland, the Dean of the Prague Medical Faculty and later also University Rector. This scholar who was author of ca ten printed books, achieved fame inter alia for his discoveries in physics (spectroscopy, physical optics) and medicine (neurology). Among the most important recipients of his correspondence belonged prominent thinkers of his time as Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680), Juan Caramuel of Lobkowitz (1606–1682), or Galileo Galilei (1564–1642). The debates in their letters demonstrate the scope of their scientific interest as well as the high level of their investigation. The main aim of the project, which also includes the legacy of Marci’s writings in relation to other authors from Prague medical faculty, is to contribute to the knowledge of the intellectual milieu which emerged after the Catholic Habsburgs decisively took hold of Central European rule after 1620.